The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, August 19, 2016

We Still have 11 Days

We still have 11 days before we leave.  We still have 6 days before our replacements come.  Yet today felt like the last day.  The employees of the Barlow gave us a going away party with gifts and really nice card.  Our little get togethers are always so fun but today was suppose to be fun but it was more sad than happy.  We have loved working with the people in the Barlow and our students.  They said some really nice things about us.

Pretty table.

Lance Walker

Michael Cottle our CES coordinatior

Susana, Lydia Elder Anthony, Mauri, Michael, and Lance

After our party I decided we needed pictures of the Barlow.  With the students gone I could take pictures of the insides of the rooms.

Common Kitchen with a Freezer.  The stoves are new last semester. 

Common area with cable TV. 

Married apartment with kitchen.

Married housing with a Murphy bed. 

Single student room.  They have to share a room. They each get a desk. 

Each apartment has a fridge and microwave. 


the closets has drawers.  

Each room has there own bathroom with shower. 

Each floor has a laundry with free laundry. 

Nice wood closets. 

We have two handicap rooms one on each floor. 

Hall way with rooms coming off of each side. 

The Murphy bed in one of the apartments. 

Married rooms have a full bathroom. 

New Lobby.

Hallway to our offices.

Lydia in her office. 

Mike in his office. 

My office 

Elder Anthony's office. He loves his big window.  All the time he worked at BYU he never had a window in his office.  

BYU professors office

Susana's office. 

Back room.  We held our meetings every Monday in this back room. 

Storage Room. 

I love the old wood banisters in the hallways. The original building was built in 1912 I think.  The Building was purchased and an addition was put on it and it was named the Barlow Center in 2001. 

The freight company came and picked up all our household goods all 700 pounds.  They are headed back to Utah.


  1. 700 lbs! What do you have in there?

  2. Gorgeous building. Wow, that entry. Thanks for these! I've always wondered.

  3. That's a lot of stuff! It is good to see all these pictures.